download YouTube videos

The best way to download YouTube videos.

The best both offline , online ways of downloading youtube videos in mobile and windows.

On a PC or a Mac, you can alternatively utilize download YouTube videos or MacX YouTube Downloader. Simply touch “Download” on the chosen YouTube video to download it to your phone’s app.

The user interface for the video downloader is clear and simple. You can choose the level of quality, the place, the starting time, and the end time, among other things.

Going to sign up for YouTube Premium is among the simplest ways to download YouTube videos and prevent unethical downloads.

On an Android device, we advise utilizing the YouTube app with YouTube Premium access for all YouTube downloads. The video URL that you want to download from YouTube should be copied. Copy the video link, then paste it into the Convert website. Last but not least, once the YouTube video has downloaded to your device, you will see the “Click here” link.


download YouTube videos

Download 720p (.mp4) m-HD, 91.5 MB, 480p (.mp4), 57.1 MB, 360p (.mp4), MB, and 240p (.mp4), 21 MB of video and audio from YouTube.

Y2mate is a free website for obtaining YouTube videos, but due of the virus, it is not a secure download site. The website features numerous advertisements and notifications that, when relied on, take users to other dubious and possibly dangerous websites.

The website is not hazardous on its own, but it has been referred to as the Y2mate virus since PUPs that could be dangerous, similar to what happened with the Ytmp3 virus, are present on the platform. You might be directed by these pop-ups to open tabs to other risky websites that could infect your computer with malware.

The RIAA, which represents significant record companies Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, and Sony Music Entertainment, is believed to be the cause of the suspension.


One of the most popular programmers for downloading high-quality videos from the Internet is called Videoder. You won’t have any trouble downloading all the content you want in a matter of seconds owing to its straightforward layout.

Videoder usage is secure. 

This app allows you to download films at any moment without putting your smartphone’s security at risk. What is the top Videoed Downloader substitute? When it comes to connecting to YouTube and other video hosting websites, StreamFab’s video downloader is comparable to Videoed. Additionally, it offers a simple method for downloading videos and allows you to save your files in HD using a variety of sizes and formats.

Y2mate is a common tool for downloading YouTube audio and video, but its downloading procedure is not secure.


download YouTube videos

You may now simply open any web browser on your phone and go to the Snaptube application’s official website. Simply click “Get” to store the APK file on your device. Tap on the Snaptube APK file to download it after it has been installed.

This covers several venues on the internet where you may find films, audio, photographs, and more. However, they do consume a significant amount of your internet connection, which is a serious problem, particularly for those with a data cap.

Simply tap the video cover to start watching web videos; they will launch immediately. You can select between using the built-in player in the Snaptube app (preferred) or another player on your mobile device to play downloaded videos offline without using any internet data.

Snaptube YouTube downloader & MP3 converter is an easy-to-use tool that lets you quickly and easily download any video from YouTube and many other similar services so you can watch it later without an internet connection.


IDM is cost-free for only 30 days. After acquiring IDM, you can obtain your unique Serial Number (product key). A well-liked free download manager for Windows machines is Internet Download Manager (IDM). The creators assert that IDM speeds up downloads on your device by up to five times. around 11 MB. There aren’t any extra yearly costs. The license will remain in effect forever. It means it will always be valid.

Since one byte equals eight bits, IDM’s load time may be eight times lower than the connection’s advertised bandwidth. Please make sure the IDM main menu item “Downloads Speed Limiter Turn off” is selected. IDM speed is capped by the speed restriction feature at a predetermined level. If you utilize a Firewall on your computer, you can also have these issues.

How can IDM be updated to the newest version? Please utilize the IDM main menu option “Help Check for updates…” (or “Help Quick Updates” for older versions). Afterward, kindly restart your computer. For updates to take effect, IDM has to replace all of its DLL files.

If you have already added the IDM extension to Chrome, you must properly configure it. Press the Chrome menu (arrow 1 on the image), choose “More tools” from the menu (arrow 2 on the image), and then choose the “Extensions” tab to complete the action (arrow 3 on the image). Then select the “Details” option for the IDM extension (arrow 4 in the image).


The amount of data YouTube will use will depend on how well your video plays. Many YouTube videos have 720p quality set as the default. You can view 40 minutes of video per GB with that level of video quality. Even though not all videos are in 1080p, the ones that are only offer 20 minutes of watch time per GB.

You can watch YouTube videos while connected to Wi-Fi without ever using data. However, watching YouTube elsewhere uses data. According to your device and the content you are viewing, this setting will broadcast at the maximum quality possible. Depending on your device and network speeds, this could utilize 1 GB every 20 minutes or more.

In some regions, you can download specific YouTube mobile videos to play offline. The venues listed below offer the characteristics discussed in this article. You can watch downloaded videos on your mobile device by signing up for YouTube Premium if it’s offered in your area.

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