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New Updates & Features on Instagram for Marketers in 2022.

Instagram is constantly surprising us. While everyone is attempting to weather these difficult economic circumstances, it is amazing to see how quickly Instagram is creating new features and functions to address key business challenges for Instagram for Marketers.

Keeping up with what’s fresh on Instagram can be difficult right now more than ever. 

Keeping up with what’s fresh on Instagram for Marketers can be difficult right now more than ever. 

We’ve put up a list of the most recent modifications to Instagram that you might not be aware of or know how to utilize in order to help you keep informed and adapt your business to them.

Remember that Instagram is often introducing and removing new features (now faster than ever). You want to keep your company account trending, I’m sure of Instagram for Marketers.

Therefore, if some of the functions we described are missing from your system, don’t worry; they will be added soon! Alternatively, you can sign up for our newsletter and receive all of our new Instagram posts directly in your inbox:

October 2022’s Top Instagram Updates

Notes is a new feature that Instagram is testing.

There hasn’t been much news about new Instagram features this month. However, there is a sneak preview of something to come.

The CEO, Adam Mossier, highlighted a new feature that the team is now testing in nations like Egypt, South Korea, Canada, Mexico, and Mexico during an AMA session.

It’s called Notes, and as he demonstrated in a brief video, it will be possible to write and send Notes in your Direct Messages (DMs) using Instagram Messenger.

According to the screenshot he provided, Notes are visible in the messenger header and appear to be accessible in a manner similar to tapping a Story. Look below:

Instagram for Marketers

When it comes to sending longer texts, proofreading, and double-checking before sending them a message, it looks like an interesting feature that will encourage users to spend more time on the Instagram for Marketers.

Updates to Instagram from November 2022

Remove a particular picture from a carousel.

If you uploaded numerous photographs in a carousel and only want to remove one or two of them—not the entire post—this option is quite helpful.

For iOS users, Instagram now offers this option, and the procedures are rather straightforward:

Navigate to the carousel post that needs editing.

Select Edit by clicking the top-right three dots icon.

To decide which photo to delete, browse the collection.

Select “Delete” from the top-left menu.

Look below:

Instagram for Marketers

Updates to Instagram from December 2022

Instagram for Marketers

Instagram recently added shopping to all of their app’s formats, including the Feed, Stories, IGTV, and Live.

Today marks the official launch of shopping on Reels after several months of testing.

When creating Reels, companies and producers can tag their products. Therefore, viewers can press a “View Products” button to purchase, save, or simply learn more about the featured products when they view an Instagram Reel containing this material.

To make their sponsorship of the products more clear, producers can tag their Reels with the phrase “Branded Content.”

This upgrade will make shopping on Instagram even more alluring for online shoppers at a time when video-based shopping is becoming more popular.

We are quite interested in learning what the upcoming Instagram app upgrades for shopping with Instagram for Marketers.


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