Is the Samsung S21 Ultra the best phone on the market? Our review breaks it down

The Samsung S21 Ultra was released earlier this year and has proved to be one of the most desirable phones on the market. With its sleek design, slim profile, and expansive features, it’s no wonder that so many people are looking to get their hands on this amazing phone! In this article, we’ll review the Samsung S21 Ultra and break down all of its incredible features!

Why we think this phone is the best

The new Samsung S21 Ultra is one of the most feature-rich phones available today. It has a large, bright display, great camera system, and top-of-the-line performance. Plus, it comes with a stylus and support for 5G networks. All of these features make it the best phone on the market for power users.

Screen Quality

The first thing you’ll notice about the S21 Ultra is its screen quality. The 6.8-inch display is one of the largest and most vibrant you’ll find on any phone. The colors are rich and sharp, and the level of detail is impressive. Even in direct sunlight, the screen is still visible and easy to read. The high resolution also means that you’ll be able to see more when you’re browsing the web or watching a video. And if you’re a gamer, you’ll appreciate the smooth graphics and fast response time.

Processor & Storage Speed

The processor and storage speed on the S21 Ultra is incredible. Apps open quickly, photos and videos load in a snap, and there’s very little lag when switching between tasks. Plus, with 128GB of built-in storage, you’ll never have to worry about running out of space.

Camera Quality

The camera quality on the Samsung S21 Ultra is incredible. It’s able to take clear pictures in low light and has a great zoom feature. The autofocus is also fast and accurate, making it easy to take great photos quickly. The only downside is that the camera app can be a bit confusing to use at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a breeze.

Battery Life

The battery life on the S21 Ultra is excellent. I was able to get through a full day of use with no problem. Even with heavy use, I was able to get about 6 hours of screen-on time. And when I did need to recharge, the fast charging was very impressive. Overall, I was very impressed with the battery life on this phone.

Final Thoughts

The Samsung S21 Ultra is a great phone- there’s no doubt about that. It has a ton of features that other phones don’t have, and it’s clear that Samsung put a lot of thought into its design. However, we think there are some areas where it could be improved. For example, the battery life could be better and the camera could be more user-friendly. Overall, though, the S21 Ultra is a great option for anyone looking for a new phone.

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